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Can't increase proficiency. Switch version

AL_Kyar743AL_Kyar743 Member Posts: 1
I recently purchased and started a solo assassin build. Only issue im finding is I cannot increase my proficiency in any one specific stat. For example I am currently lvl 8 and I have gotten 4 proficiency points so far. I first put it in daggers and then tried to put in daggers again for my second point, but it would not increase so I put in two-weapon style. Same thing again for my third point which i ended up putting in short bow, and my fourth one which i reluctantly put in wakizashi/scimitar/ ninjato.

Is this restricted to the assassin class, is this an actual bug for the switch version?

Tl:dr can't put more proficiency points into any one specific proficiency.


  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 379
    Non-warrior characters are not allowed to put multiple dots into any one proficiency. This is working as intended, and not a bug.

    The exact restrictions:

    Fighters: Up to five dots in any weapon, two in each style, and three in two-weapon style. The maximum possible.
    Fighter kits often limit this. A kensai can't take proficiencies into ranged weapons (crossbow, dart, longbow, sling, shortbow) or shield style. A berserker can't put more than one dot into ranged weapons. A dwarven defender can't put more than two dots into any weapon, with the exception of axes and hammers (four dots). A barbarian can't put more than two dots into any weapon.

    Paladins, Rangers, and multiclass fighters: Up to two dots in any weapon or style, three dots in two-weapon style. Rangers start with two free dots in two-weapon style.
    Some kits tweak this. Cavaliers can't take proficiencies in ranged weapons. Archers can't go beyond one dot in melee weapons or styles, but can go up to five dots in crossbows, longbows, and shortbows. They're also still allowed to go up to three dots in two-weapon style.

    All other classes: Up to one dot in each allowed weapon and style, with the exception of a few kits that allow more.
    Blades can take up to three dots in two-weapon style. Swashbucklers can take up to three dots in two-weapon style, and two dots in allowed melee (thief) weapons.

    Dual-class characters are restricted by their active class, or by the less restrictive class once the dual is complete and both sets of abilities are active.

    There's also a secondary restriction: you can't develop proficiencies too fast. You can't put a third dot into a weapon proficiency until reaching level 3 in the active class, a fourth dot until level 6, and a fifth dot until level 9.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,750
    assassins can only place one proficiency point into any weapon or weapon style, the only classes that allow you to do more are;

    blade; which is restricted to two weapon style only

    swashbuckler; which can place 2 proficiency slots into any melee weapon and 3 into two weapon style

    warrior types ( barbarians/paladins/rangers ) can place 2 points into any weapon, and 3 into two weapon style

    and fighters can place 5 points into any weapon and 3 into 2 weapon style and 2 points in the other fighting styles

    some classes have exceptions; ( archer can place 5 points into bows/crossbows )

    so to know how much your character can place in a proficiency slot look at the base class first ( in your case it would be thief ) and then when you select your kit, see if it makes an extra note about extra or less proficiency points

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