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List of all quest-related reputation gains and losses in BG:EE

UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 100
I wanted to compile this info because I had searched and couldn't find any existing list. I thought this might be useful info for people to have, for those in search of more reputation gains, or for those who want to avoid them. Keeping in mind that paying for rep gain will only get you to 18 of 20 (and is extremely expensive), this could help people later in the game track down the last few points they might want to get.

Roughly in chronological order, assuming going to the Friendly Arm Inn, heading south through Beregost to Nashkel, then branching out to nearby areas and ending in Baldur's Gate. Locations are where the quest begins and not necessarily where it ends. Some quests are dependent on performing the right action, many may be obvious but I will note some oddities and exceptions.

All this information is directly from the wiki as it exists right now, let me know if there are any corrections or additions needed.

Reputation Gains:
Friendly Arm Inn - Joia's Flamedance Ring
Beregost - A Book for Firebead
Beregost - Half-ogres Near Beregost
Beregost - Vai's Bounty Upon Bandits (appears in chapter 3, rep gain happens when she leaves which may not be preferable)
South of High Hedge - Melicamp the Chicken (50% chance of rep gain, reloading works)
North of Nashkel - Colquetle's Family Amulet (choice of +1 or -1 rep)
Nashkel - Oublek the Bounty Officer
Nashkel - Prism the Sculptor
Nashkel - Brage's Life Spared (specific ending to The Tale of Captain Brage)
Nashkel - Troubles in the Region
North of Carnival - Xvart Raids
East of Nashkel Mines - Samuel and Lena
East of Temple - Tamah Rescued (choice of +1 or -1 rep)
East of Gnoll Stronghold - Drienne's Cat
East of Gnoll Stronghold - Dryad of the Cloud Peaks
Lighthouse - A Child in the Lighthouse
North of Friendly Arm Inn - Farmer Brun's Missing Son (wiki article does not exist, talk to the farmer a second time after completing his quest and give him gold)
Cloakwood Mine - Flooding the Cloakwood Mine (choice of +2 or -2 rep)
Wyrm's Crossing - The Seven Suns (+2 rep)
South Baldur's Gate - Cordyr and the Sirenes
South Baldur's Gate - Ghorak the Diseased
South Baldur's Gate - Noralee's Gauntlets
Southwest Baldur's Gate - A Ring for a Lady
Central Baldur's Gate - Nadine and Euric
Northwest Baldur's Gate - Quinn's Friend
Northeast Baldur's Gate - Brielbara's Baby

Reputation Losses:
Beregost - The Silke Dilemma (-2 rep, loss of Garrick as a companion)
North of Nashkel - Colquetle's Family Amulet (choice of +1 or -1 rep)
Nashkel Mines - Dorn Il-Khan (-2 rep while Dorn is traveling with the party, regained when he is not)
East of Temple - Tamah Rescued (choice of +1 or -1 rep)
Larswood - Baeloth Barrityl (-2 rep while Baeloth is traveling with the party, regained when he is not)
Peldvale - Viconia DeVir (-2 rep while Viconia is traveling with the party, regained when she is not)
Cloakwood Mine - Flooding the Cloakwood Mine (choice of +2 or -2 rep)
North Baldur's Gate - A Contract Killing (blackmail her for -1 rep every 2 days, repeatable)
North Baldur's Gate - Petrine's Cat (-1 rep only if rep > 7, possible 2 point loss if you also tell Petrine)

There's a common misconception that many rep losses can occur during quests as part of the quest, but most of them are the generic killing of an innocent and incur the normal penalty for doing so, with the loss dependent on your current reputation.

For completeness' sake, here is the price you must pay at temples to increase your reputation based on your current reputation in BG:EE:

20 - N/A
19 - N/A
18 - N/A
17 - 5000
16 - 2500
15 - 2000
14 - 1500
13 - 1000
12 - 800
11 - 500
10 - 300
09 - 200
08 - 100
07 - 150
06 - 300
05 - 500
04 - 600
03 - 1000
02 - 1200
01 - 1500

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