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Semi-serious bug on console BG:EE - cutscenes can break with the new analog stick movement method

UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 65
While trying to do Dorn's quest where you go to meet Kryll, if you approach using the new direct movement method with the left analog stick, the cutscene tries to trigger but breaks since the player keeps the ability to move the party. The camera zooms out as if a cutscene is about to start but cannot actually begin. Video here:

After doing this the camera and cursor stay broken. You cannot move the camera with the right stick, moving individual characters other than Dorn are not followed by the camera, only Dorn is tracked. You cannot zoom in or out, and you can't move the cursor to target anything. You can even leave the map and travel somewhere else and it will still be broken.

If you save and load the game, everything will return to normal, but Kryll's cutscene is forever broken, and the only way to proceed is to manually kill her, which triggers the next scene, leaving the letter on her corpse etc., so it appears you can circumvent the issue.

My concern is that this may also apply to other cutscenes in the Infinity Engine games, maybe particularly all the ones Beamdog added that require the new party members to be along with you.

I've already reported this to the support portal but I wanted to post it publicly too so other players know about it too and can add to it if they encounter it themselves.

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