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Character Help

*Posting this from my phone, so I'm sorry if this is inserted in a random area*

So I am getting back into the game. I've only played Baldur's Gate 2 Dark Alliance but that was years ago on the GameCube. So I was thinking about starting with a half-elf & was wondering what would a good class to play with. I am playing on the Xbox 1 with the easiest setting for now until I get the feel for the game. I was thinking about possibly using a fighter/thief or maybe just theif. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • dp85dp85 Member Posts: 7
    So this kind of depends on what you want your character to be (fighter, spellthrower, support, etc.). I always recommend using whatever interests you most because a big part of the fun in these games is watching a character you're invested in grow stronger over the game. Between the classes you mention, fighter/thief is better at both melee and ranged combat than a thief, but will learn thief skills a little slower due to xp being split (there's still enough points to max any skills you want at high levels). Any of the fighter or ranger multiclasses (all available to half-elves) are great starter classes actually as they have decent HP, can fill multiple roles, and are never really underpowered at any point.

    Also, this isn't clear from your post but note that the Dark Alliance games are arpgs like Diablo (click to attack). The BG games are also real time but are command-based and you control a party of up to 6 (there are many npcs that can join). Basically, gameplay is designed so that at any time you can pause the game and issue commands individually or to multiple characters at once (attack, move here, use item, cast spell, etc.). There's optional a.i. as well if you prefer not micromanaging as much. Higher difficulties will almost definitely require micromanaging at times though.

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