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SoD -> BG2EE Import

IecerintIecerint Member Posts: 418
I have heard conflicting things about importing items from SoD to BG2EE. I’m playing on PS4.

Do the items need to be on MC? Can they be in a bag of holding? Does the save need to be subsequent to the last boss? I know the pantaloons aren’t transferring, so I want to figure how what I need to do to address this.

Also, I had heard that hitting the XP cap in SoD was easy, but I ended up being 100K short. Is there an obvious source of XP that I was missing? I’m pretty sure I did everything.


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,208
    I recall that when I did my BG-series playthrough, I wound up hitting the XP cap during the siege of Dragonspear Castle, midway through the big battle. However, I'd gone out of my way to do every single side-quest and I also decided to fight every single crusader in the castle basements after the plot-critical mission there, so I probably picked up more XP that way.

    As to your questions about the item imports into BG2, I can't say for sure whether or not they have to be on the MC or whether being in a Bag of Holding would affect anything, sorry. :/

  • IecerintIecerint Member Posts: 418
    I tried different things, and for Golden Pantaloons, at least, I can confirm that they must be in MC’s equipment slots and out of any holding containers.

    I’ll update if the other things appear.

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