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BG2EE 2.5 bug: Nalia and end of "de'Arnise keep has been invaded" quest

After turning down the fighter stronghold, Nalia resets to asking for my help to clear her home keep, including the journal entry reappearing.

I am a dual fighter(9)/mage(14) churning through the Chapter 2 quests. I completed Nalia's quest prior to the Planar Sphere for the XP. After completing the entire keep quest and defeating TorGal (with Nalia), we went back topside. Upon exiting the keep, Nalia gave me my XP and offered me the stronghold. I turned it down and she left my party, to reappear at the top of the ramp by the drawbridge. From that point on, talking to her restarts the "de'Arnise keep has been invaded" quest in my journal. I did a quick skate-through of the keep again, some trolls had respawned, but TorGal was still dead. I also noted that "the de'Arnise keep has been cleared" journal entry remains.
I went off to complete the Planar Sphere, and now I want to clean up the last few Chapter 2 quests (ie: Nalia gets abducted). I checked the Global Variables for my save game with EE Keeper. "NaliaKeepPlot" has a "1" on it, which I understand represents "keep has been invaded" is complete. Is there another global variable I need to tweak to make Nalia snap back to the present? Right now the only solution I can think of is going back to an earlier save file before the Planar Sphere (ugh) to accept the stronghold (maybe do the quests) and then reset the Stronghold through EE keeper to get me back on track with grabbing the Planar Sphere as a stronghold.

Anyone help from someone savvy with GlobalVariables would be appreciated before I have to rewind three hours worth of dungeon crawling.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,569
    if NaliaKeepPlot is set to 0, that means that quest is done

    another variable you could try putting in is

    C:SetGlobal("RoenalControl","Global",1) - copy paste that in with the cheat console -

    hopefully that will set things straight, this global is suppose to go off when you don't accept her offer to take the keep

    also, when you head outside ( after the you kill torgal ) did she start a dialogue with you? if she did, then in theory everything should proceed as normal because a messenger will be coming by in 7 days after that event to continue on for the "abduction"

    also it might not hurt to have this global copy pasted into the console as well;


  • Salted11Salted11 Member Posts: 4
    Thank-you for the quick (and effective) response. It turns out that setting the NaliaKeepPlot did the ticket. I remain convinced this interaction is bugged, because her initial discourse was again to convey the initial mission of clearing the keep. However, once a member of my party, she reverted to the proper text for stating sadness at being betrothed, blah-blah and then the Quintze Roenall kid popped into being.

    I should note that I tested this with an earlier save, prior to taking the Sphere as my stronghold. With your fix, she reverted to offering me the stronghold, but if I turn her down again then it glitches back and I had to re-enter the new Global code.

    All that is to say, I'm back on track and appreciate your time. Hopefully Beamdog can address this in 2.6 or beyond.

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