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Finding a little confusion

While I'm loving the game, wandering about killing random things seems kind of pointless.

I can't seem to access any of the major towns or anything and have no idea how to open new areas.

They just seem to open up randomly as I travel.

Is this the way it's supposed to go?


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    In general you can only access a new area when you move to the edge of a map adjacent to it. At the start of the game for instance you can see on the map where Nashkel is, but can't travel directly there. However, it you keep moving on intermediate maps in that direction you will open up new areas and eventually find you can get there. In order to find all the possible areas you should try travelling from different map edges of the areas you already know (or just look for maps/walkthroughs on the internet).

    Your journal includes clues about the location of certain areas and quests you can do there.
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    Thank you. I can honestly say that I have always avoided top down games like the plague and this one, honestly, is REALLY old-fashioned, but it's still a hoot! Glad I tried it.
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    A couple of mechanics questions for you pro's at this:

    1) I notice that, if I don't select everybody, nobody follows me. Is that normal? It makes it kind of weird during combat to have to pause and then switch over to my toon to cast a spell, etc.
    2) While I understand the leveling up system (it's a lot like D&D), I'm a bit confused on spells. As a Mage/Thief, I can easily up my thief stats, but what about choosing spells?
    3) Do I ever get to update my skills? I love the throwing knives but haven't specialized in them (only just discovered them), but, I never seem to get any points to add as I level up.

    Thanks all!
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    sarevok57 wrote: »
    1) im going to go with yes, im not 100% sure by what you mean, but i assume that if you have characters "unselected" then they will just stand there, that is true, unless given orders characters will stand there

    if you want to do a little less micro management in combat, you can give characters scripts; aka automatically attack enemies when they see them, cast spells on enemies when they see them, when party members take damage have your healers heal you ect... if you want to find scripts that you can run for your characters go to the "customize" button on the record page and click on the "script" button

    2) so for mage/thief you only get spells when your mage class grows up levels, and you get spell slots that you can cast per rest, so for example, lets say your mage class is level 2, that means you can cast two level 1 spells before you have to rest, at mage level 3, you will gain a level 2 spell, so in total you will have two level 1 spells and one level 2 spell, the "level of spell" and "level of mage" don't coincide with one another, spell level is kind of the "power level" if you will of a spell, aka a level 3 spell is much stronger than a level 1 spell, as a level 6 spell is much stronger than a level 3 spell

    and for mages to get spells, you have to find them and then write them into your spell book ( based on your INT will indicate your chance of success of writing spells into your book, how many spells you are allowed to have per level, and what the highest level spell you can cast is, so for example, if you have 18 INT your chance to successfully write a spell into your book is 85%, you are allowed to know 18 spells per spell level, and you will be able to cast up to level 9 spells )

    once you have learned spells, to "memorize" them, you have to click on the spell icon and then it will go into your spell slot ( if you want to get rid of a spell in one of your slots, just click on the spell in the "memorized" slot ) once your chosen spells are in your memorized slots you will need to rest, for them to be "memorized" aka ready to cast, once they are cast, the icon will be "fuzzy" indicating that they are already cast

    3) by skills do you mean proficiency points? because for thieves, every time you grow up a level you will gain thief points depending on your thief class ( regular thieves get 25 points per level - 40 at level one - but other classes only only gain 15 or 20 )

    when it comes to weapon proficiencies your class determines how fast and how many points you can point on to a weapon, with multiclass characters it takes the progression of the "faster" class and depending on what mult-class you are, if you are allowed to go pass one point

    so for example, you have a thief/mage, since thieves gain proficiencies faster than mages, your multi-class combo is going to use the thief table, so for every 4 levels you gain in your thief class ( aka level 4,8,12,16 ect ) you will gain another proficiency point ( in bg1 your thief side will be able to grow to level 8 ) but because you have no fighter in your multi-class you are only going to be able to have 1 proficiency in a weapon at most

    if you had fighter or ranger in your multi-class you would have been able to put 2 points into a weapon, while fighters/berserkers/kensai/wizard slayers are the only class(es) that can put up to 5 points into a weapon

    Thank you! Very helpful.
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    @subtledoctor Don't tell him.
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