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Entar Silvershield and the question of his death

I'm just now getting into Siege of Dragonspear for the first time. In the Ducal Palace I'm having a meeting with the dukes and Entar Silvershield is here.

I think I've heard enough about the general outline of SoD from reviews and retrospectives that I know why he is needed to be alive by the plot of the game (I really don't care about spoilers).

But my question is why there needed to be a big question about why he's alive, and why the answer is kind of lame.

Here's the dialogue:

Charname: Grand Dike Silvershield. Weren't you--forgive me if this is indelicate---weren't you killed?
Entar Silvershield: It took all of Fenster's skills to restore me to life. But we are not here to discuss my health.

Here's the character probably isn't stupid, and should be aware of how death tends to be a minor setback in the world he lives in. It's very likely that he paid Gellana Mirrorshade to have his own party members brought back from the dead multiple times. So why would he be surprised that a rich, important man has been revived?

And why would it require any particular skill at all to bring him back? It's stated as if it takes a healer's touch, herbs, remedies, bandages and whatnot. It's just a 5th level spell. I think rules as written it's supposed to cost 5000 GP worth of diamonds but in the game it's 750 GP at the Friendly Arm Inn.

I dunno, it just seems weird and a little willfully ignorant of what the world is like. Or you could at least call it a plot point at odds with game mechanics. Other games sometimes have little moments like these, like Final Fantasy having characters revived with Phoenix Downs but slain forever in cutscenes...however in those cases you could handwave those battle deaths and rezzes as some more minor injuries, unconsciousness, etc. Forgotten Realms is very explicit about what death means and how to circumvent it.

It'd be really easy to provide a quick plausible explanation. In fact it would've been a fun opportunity to show that Sarevok is even more incompetent than already proven; maybe Entar Silvershield was never killed and was just laying low, and poised to claim his seat back from Sarevok at a moment's notice, before Charname foiled him.


  • UncleSporkyUncleSporky Member Posts: 74
    Even so, I feel like surprise is unwarranted. Asking about someone's death in this world shouldn't happen with an attitude like "Oh my god! You're alive? How?!" Instead it should be "Ah, it's good to see the clerics were able to get you back on your feet. What exactly happened?"

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 9,801
    @UncleSporky But the question isn't framed as an "Oh my god, how?!" Its a "I don't want to be rude, but you were dead last I saw you." Its pretty nonchalant, and maybe just a tiny bit facetious.

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