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Tenya quest, problems on Android

I accidentally killed 3 fishermen before I talked to them. Now the Tenya quest can't launch - she just asks my team to leave her place and nothing comes out of it.

How can I fix this? Absolutely need that Q for xp and the second part in Baldur's Gate.

I play the Android version, so maybe I can use the console and summon fishermen / change globals... But I dunno the values. Need your help folks!


  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 1,090
    I would ask in the mods forum, but I don't think you are hosed yet. Keep pestering her until she goes hostile, then react *gently* until she backs down. (You are aiming to wound, not kill) If you kept the item she wants, you might still be able to recruit her.
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