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Mod: Revised Wisdom Spells Bonus

PaiN_VIPaiN_VI Member Posts: 28
Hello everyone

Well, I modified the amount of spells a Cleric / Druid gains for high wisdom. Now you have one more different progression:
13: +1 lvl. 1 spell
14: +1 lvl. 1 and lvl. 2 spell
15: +2 lvl. 1, 1 lvl. 2 and 1 lvl. 3 spell
16: +2 lvl. 1, 2, lvl. 2, 1 lvl. 3 and 1 lvl. 4 spell
25: +4 of all levels

I also did a new spells progression for any class based on Sorcerer's/Shaman's progression (with max spells per level of 8), if anyone is interested.

How to install: just pass this to override folder

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