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NWN:EE vs. NWN Classic.

VerticorVerticor Member Posts: 95
edited November 2019 in General Discussions NWN:EE
Sooo... I know that some "stuff" has probably been fixed, and yes, I know that graphics etc. have been updated.

But let's just for the sake of it pretend that I have no particular issues with the old models and graphics. They're fine, thank you very much, as the saying would probably go. Besides, I'm from that old school of gaming, where "purty" graphics did not equal a good game. Stories did.

Are the various fixes that Beamdog have done to the game worth it, so to speak? I already have the Classic version, and quite frankly, I've yet to encounter anything that messed up my gaming experience, bug- or otherwise. At least nothing I noticed.

What would be my motivation to sink some money into the EE version? Yes, I'm asking for the sales pitch here. Work it and convince me, people. If you can.



  • IseweinIsewein Member Posts: 374
    There were two motivations for me to buy the EE: 1.) Play Darkness over Daggerford (and hopefully Tyrants of the Moonsea if it ever gets released on Beamdog) in their improved versions. 2.) Support Beamdog in the vague hope that it will enable them to publish more premium modules in the future.

    For all older modules not explicitly updated for EE (most but Aielund, really), I strongly recommend sticking to 1.69 or the Community Patch. EE can cause issues with those modules, and the benefits are just not worth it.

    I recommend purchasing EE if you are able to just to support development, and to keep two separate installations of classic and EE.

  • megamike15megamike15 Member Posts: 2,608
    the older modules do work with the ee only i think two have issues and thats due to an area transition bug that beamdog plans to fix with the next patch which may not be till December.

    really the ee run better on modern computers. if you want to play darknesss over daggerford your better off with the premium module version. same with moonsea but in that ones case it's actually finished unlike the vault version which was never finished.

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