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Companions max pre-join level 6 ?

I am reading some older posts saying that old NPCs' level upon joining is determined by main character level while the new NPCs' level is determined by the total character experience.

But at the same time the old NPCs are shown to be pre-configured with several upgraded versions of them and the highest upgrade available for them is level 6. So the new NPCs are unlimited level (only depend on character experience) while the old NPCs level is set to max 6 upon joining ?


  • ChroniclerChronicler Member Posts: 1,363
    Originally characters would start out at one of three levels. Usually something like 2-4-6.

    Later beamdog changed it so that instead they start out at their lowest possible level, but they come with one of three amounts of experience, allowing you to level them yourself and distribute their points as you please. It still translates to roughly 2-4-6 depending on their class.

    So if you were a level 8 fighter, and you recruited a new character, you would still find they were a bit under-levelled, even with the experience based metric.

    The whole thing about beamdog npc's and classic npc's using different gauges is outdated. They all work the same now.
  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,875
    how BGEE works when it comes to companions joining you, is that it checks to see what XP your main character is at, for every 2000, 4000, 8000, 16000 and 32000 mark you hit, joinable companions will match this XP amount, and once they hit that amount once, they will never get a boost again;

    for example, when imoen joins your team in after the cut scene, she joins at level 1 ( since you have less than 2000 XP, if this is a fresh character )

    but if you booted imoen out, and came back later and had her join your team ( lets say that you were at 2000 XP now ) then she will not be boosted to 2000 xp

    next example, lets say you are in chapter 4 with 16635 xp and you want yeslick to join your team, the game will see that you are at the "16000" xp threshold so when yeslick joins he will be set to 16000 xp

    again, if you kick him out of your team after he gets this boost, he will not be automatically boosted to the 32000 mark if he joins again ( and if your XP was pass 32000 ), a joinable companion can only get the boost once

    all joinable companions have been "set" to their lowest level possible and when they join you, their xp will be boosted as necessary, this was implemented to if you grabbed a joinable companion late in the game, you can still configure that companion the way you want that companion to be
  • SoidoSoido Member Posts: 172
    I see. So yes the max is 5-6 depending on their class. No point to delay recruiting them over 32K. That is the last mark.

    Imoen is weird. Although she is stated to have several versions up to 6, in fact her mark is Level 2 max. I avoided talking to her in Candlekeep and after Gorion's death I run away from her to avoid any dialigue. But when I returned back at Level 7 and talked to her "Hey little one how are you doing?" She was just Level 2. Meh
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