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Best platform for full BG1/BG2 play through

I'm a new player, and I've been wanting to play through the BG series games for a long time now. I'm debating whether I should play the games on an ipad or a mac, and I'm curious if anyone has any strong preferences for either. Also, can I transfer saved games between the two platforms?


  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 1,038
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    Hi @icthy
    I play my BG Series on a iPhone 6s. It runs smoothly and without major glitches.

    Save games can be transferred, but there are issues with NPC stats and gear when transferring from BG to SoD. And a HP glitch is present if you import your save game from SoD to BG2.
    Transferring your character causes no problems, but the transition between SoD and BG1 becomes a bit odd..

    The iOS version is “modable” with some effort

    But mods are probably not first on your agenda.

    Overall a very recommendable experience and extremely convenient.

    The games runs smoothly on Mac as well afaik - but there have been posted reports of some bugs on new Mac versions due to Mac software (but with workarounds afaik No problems when transferring in between games.

    Definitely enjoyable, and an easy solution for starters as well. But less convenient
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  • icthyicthy Member Posts: 9
    Great, thanks! Is it possible to get the (x,y) coordinates I'm at on the iPad? I'm suspecting I may have to go back and repeat some quests, etc., as I learn what I'm doing.
  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 12,235
    PC, that way its easier to activate the console or use a save editor if you get any nasty bugs. It also makes modding much easier for future playthroughs ;)
  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 2,002
    As someone who uses both control schemes, mouse and keyboard is the only actually comfortable way for me to play. Touchscreen controls work alright, but you typically have to do a lot more arm/hand movement to achieve the same number of actions. With a mouse and keyboard I tend to use quick keys for a lot of things, so I definitely miss those when I play on my tablet.
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