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Is Big Ike bugged?

I discovered by accident that you can take Ike's "Durlag's Tower tour" after completing the tower and defeating the DK. You can still travel to the tower, meet up with him on the bridge, and get the spiel. Despite clearing the room of traps long ago, a tourist still gets torched.

Then, when the DK should show up, Ike gives his "OMG WHAT IS THAT!!1!" line and forever freezes. Obviously, being dead, the DK can't show up, so there you have it. Ike is now wandering around with a couple of tourists for the rest of their lives in the tower.

I figured it fits, now that the place is cleared of anything hazardous, so I left it, but it feels like a bug.


  • MathsorcererMathsorcerer Member Posts: 3,029
    A simple script fix can deactivate Ike once you have cleared the Tower.

    Of course, that does not answer the question how Ike gets the party past the random monsters outside the Tower, which usually includes Battle Horrors. *shrug*
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