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Rasaad Quest Too Easy (spoilers)

I finally got the part of his quest in the docks to trigger, and completed it.

I understand the (optional) fight in the building next to the Seven Suns being not difficult, but the whole Cloud Peaks map was disappointing.

Just a series of small groups of monks interspersed with a few archers. Repetitive enemy tactics, easily countered. My party is level 5, and my two main melee tanks were blinded early on but still wiped the floor with the enemy throughout.

Is there a mod that creates more variety/difficulty? For example:
1) more traps, and in areas of active battle
2) more enemy spellcasters (Gamaz mentions he now has powers of sorcery, but aside from Shocking Grasp, Blur, and Blindness neither he nor his followers cast anything).
3) stronger monks (can they cast Invisibility instead of/in addition to Blur?)
4) more enemies in general, including respawns behind the party
5) Strengthen Gamaz. I know a major plot point is Rasaad being stronger than him, but he didn't put up much of a fight at all. The rest of my party didn't even help Rasaad.
6) Strengthen Gamaz's final party (spellcaster, or even just have a snow troll or two)

It would have been harder at lower levels, but since the party can't even get to the Cloud Peaks until chapter 5, I don't see how it could ever be challenging for a party that can get to it. It felt like Nashkel Mines-level difficulty.



  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 353
    edited November 28
    The only reason to do the map is to get the big fisted belt.
    To avoid having to do the quest I often just code the item in once I reach Baldur’s Gate. When I only had the game on iPad I used to import a character with the belt so I had it and only use it from when I reached Baldur’s Gate due to the lack of console.
    It is very bland, which is how I see Rasaad.
    I quite like the riddle of the two prisoners, which I found fun the first time and it reminded me of Labyrinth, which is a good thing.

  • BelacRLJBelacRLJ Member Posts: 45
    The background visuals are so beautiful, I just wish it could get the SCS treatment and be a challenge for a 5th-level party.

    Also the Big Fisted Belt is excessively powerful, IMO--I'd not mind if it were modded to reduce both wisdom and intelligence to 6, thus reducing the number of characters who it wouldn't be an unalloyed benefit for.

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