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Safana mod to be more like vanilla BG

PingwinPingwin Member Posts: 259
Is anyone aware of a mod that changes Safana's weapon proficiencies and starting equipment so she is closer to the original BG version of her?
IIRC, originally she had a dagger and throwing daggers, with proficiencies in short swords and missile weapons, plus large swords if you recruit her late on, so I always envisaged her as using the dagger of venom and crossbows, but her proficiencies in EE just don't work.
I'd be more inclined to recruit her if the EE proficiencies were along the lines of dagger and crossbow, then scimitar at level 6.
Failing that, can anyone point me in the direction of a simple mod that changes the proficiencies and equipment for any of the NPCs? I can then see how it was done and do something similar for Safana.


  • BelacRLJBelacRLJ Member Posts: 51
    This is fairly easy to adjust in EEkeeper. There is also a mod that sets all recruitable NPCs to level 0, allowing you to customize their kits/proficiencies (they still level up to the appropriate XP cutoff).
  • PingwinPingwin Member Posts: 259
    edited November 2019
    Thanks, that's done the job nicely. I can now recruit her without the cognitive dissonance of her wielding a dagger in her portrait that Beamdog tells me she can't use.
    One minor point which I'm willing to overlook - do you know how different equipment can be assigned based on level? SAFANA has just leather armour, whereas SAFANA4 and SAFANA6 have studded leather.
    In earlier versions of BG I guess you'd just get assigned the appropriate version of Safana, equipment and all but in EE, it seems you always get the lowest level version and then level her up so perhaps differing equipment is no longer a thing in EE.
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