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Bard playthrough or Ranger/Cleric multi playthrough

which one and why?
I have been considering to create Bard and Ranger/Cleric duo + party members.
(Ranger/Cleric is must multi only, plus, with editing lua files)


  • CvijetaCvijeta Member Posts: 374
    I plan to definitely use Aerie either way, and dump Jaheira if I choose Cleric/Ranger...

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,987
    bard is a fun class to play, blade even better imo, as long as you mod the song to have a wider aoe, the EE one is too small and is almost impossible to include the frontliners and the ranged/casters.
    i admit that the original song had a too wide aoe, but...
    you find a mod to do it here:

    also multi RC is a good choice, editing the lua file to have all the druid spells even better.
    probably it is a little more easy to play, the bards to shine need items, buffs and proper tactics.
    and to have a proper fighter type that can bring at will the str to 25, boost hp and stats, have a long lasting kai like effect and add some damage reduction to the mix is really satisfying.
    my end game aerie jumps from 68hp to 117 thanks to the buffs, and i don't use maxed rolls on level up, so you can judge by yourself the hp that a RC with high starting con and with maxed hp gain on level up will have...

    i would say play which one you prefer from a RP point of view and build a party where they can shine.
    anyway you will have aerie with you, and she can solo every dragon or boss if properly buffed and used :) (mine actually did it) , so you will have no problems in either case.

    one suggestion is, if you go for the multi route, to play with a small party, at least the first part of the game, let's say 4 people, then, when charname is at 2M xp, take 2 single class more, avoiding to talk to them before that point. this way you will find them at the highest possible level and they will anyway catch up fast being single class. charname and aerie (also jan if he is your thief) will greatly benefit of the faster starting progression and in the end you will have a very strong party where your multi will be not so underleveled compared to sigle class toons.

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