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Can we find decent Jaheira replacement?

I plan to ditch her from my party, but can't think of any henchmen to replace her.

I was thinking Aerie, Jan, Keldorn, Cleric/Ranger... what would be ideal party, without Jaheira?



  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,786
    it kind of depends on who else you have in your party and how your party is set up

    if jaheira was your "divine healer" roll then you can replace her with aerie or anomen or even viconia ( although you will have to watch your REP with her and she doesnt get along with keldorn )

    if she was one of your "melee front line" then you can replace her with any melee character like; keldorn, minsc, mazzy, valygar, or even rasaad perhaps

    personally i like mazzy for melee since she has awesome saves and 18 DEX, and same with valygar with the 18 DEX and eventually he can get that white dragon scale which will make his AC match your other full platemail members for some killer AC

  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 353
    edited December 1
    She is hard to replace as she combines tanking with both armour and spells (iron skins), great anti mage abilities, healing, multiple attacks per round, fighter and druid HLAs (including elemental summons that don’t clash with celestials), she even gets a unique raise dead spell and I could go on. She only really needs a strength item.
    As Sarevok57 says you can do a lot of what she can do others and choosing who to use depends what you want/need covered. Keldorn is probably the closest to an anti mage character, Aerie (weirdly) can tank well, others can heal (and also provide better anti undead abilities) and others can fight (Mazzy’s general awesomeness is seconded).
    You will struggle to find someone that covers everything she does though unless you create a fighter/druid yourself, but then you have a ready made fighter druid npc, whilst only the pc can be a fighter/mage, ranger/cleric, fighter/mage/thief etc.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 2,988
    i agree, without knowing the party composition and the role of jaheira in it is impossible to answer.
    but the 2 npcs that can cover better the role of jaheira, physical damage dealer and divine caster, are aerie and anomen.
    they both lack of the druid only spells, like insect plague, and they both need buffs for the physical damage part.

    he is a much better divine caster, being basically as good as a pure cleric, has good apr and access to GM, but is prevented to use the speed weapons so will have less apr then a jaheira dw the best weapon she can find and belm.
    but his turn undead will be a great help and make some areas, like bodhi's dungeon, a whole area of the unseeing eye dungeon and a bit of firkraag's one very easy. let him cast sanctuary, activate turn undead and watch the fireworks.
    early in soa he can fight not buffed, but later he will need to do it, the clerical spells are ideal to do it, he will catch up as thac0 and hit more then every other fighter as he will get the same thac0 of a fighter of his cleric level and 25 str. with foa MH and a good weapon OH will be a perfect frontliner, that can tank thanks to his HP, also buffed by the same spells, and damage reduction.
    if you plan to have also keldorn they are in competition for the gauntlets that improve DEX.

    aerie is almost as good as jaheira as divine caster, being both multi, but can use the robe of vecna to cast divine spells faster, can mix arcane and divine magic, also in the sequencers.
    buffed she can tank and also deal damage, even if i suspect that i am one of the few that use her in that role. she lack of apr, but her thac0 and dmg/hit will be almost as good as anomen's ones, she misses GM compared to him, and as she can use her arcane spells to protect herself is the better tank of the 3, as long as her spells last. late game her simulacrum can fight at her side so she will catch up as apr, until that moment she is stuck at 4 apr dw and improved hasted.

    if you need only a frontliner every fighter or ranger in the game is fine, mazzi and valygar as has been told, but also minsc, keldorn and korgan work well for the role.

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