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Floating text fails to appear upon walking on a trigger

BhaalsDadBhaalsDad Member Posts: 2
I'm a long time BG2 player that got BG2:EE for the first time. Before considering filing a bug report, I was wondering if the following was a bug that needs fixing on Beamdog's end, or if it's a problem I have that can be fixed without them ?
Using default Baldur.lua configuration, it seems that the kind of in-game floating text that is supposed to be triggered by a player character walking somewhere is never displayed. It does appear correctly in the dialogue box but does not "hover" the game area.
Clicking in places where the mouse cursor becomes a "?" does produce floating text and it also appears above characters when pressing TAB. Only the "triggered by walking" seems to fail.

Do you guys experience this too or it's just me ? It is easy to spot in the first dungeon, as you leave the cell area and walk near the first few corpses. And then right around the corner as characters enter the mephit spawning device.
I could not fix it on my own by playing with in-game options or Baldur.lua, though I can't say I covered everything. Thanks for any help!

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