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Charname's actions overridden by AI scripts


I have this annoying issue, which I think was already raised numerous times on the forums: the AI scripts override player-appointed actions for my Charname. HOWEVER, what makes my issue somehow unique, is that it happens only for Charname, and nobody else.

So, say, my party walks through an area and an NPC (other than Charname) is attacked by a pack of gibberlings. All party members use the Standard Attack script, and all ignore attacking critters, continuing on their path... EXCEPT for Charname, who immediately stops and starts attacking the gibberlings.

Similarly for casting spells, I can, for example, order Charname and two mages to start casting. The mages cast their spells just fine, but Charname almost always stops mid-cast and resort to attacking with melee.

I tried different scripts and it happens for EVERY SINGLE ONE (except for "none"), even when the script prevents the character from attacking - in that case my Charname will just stop walking/casting and just idly stand in one place. Even Advanced AI, with all the options disable, interrupts player-appointed actions.

I use mega-installation EET, so I know I will likely never find what is causing this. But I have a small hope that maybe someone, somewhere, encountered such a problem. Any thoughts?


  • BubbBubb Member Posts: 834
    Hi @amberCoffeeCat,

    If I recall correctly, the OVERRIDE scripting slot is the only one allowed to cancel player actions. You could try opening your save in EE Keeper, selecting charname, opening the Miscellaneous tab, and checking if there is something in the "Override Script" field.

    If there is, that's probably the culprit, placed there by some mod. If there is an override script assigned, I'd happily take a look at it if you uploaded it here, (it should be in your override folder), and see if I can fix the scripting error.

  • amberCoffeeCatamberCoffeeCat Member Posts: 79
    Nope, it's not that. The Override Script is set to "none". The only script other than the Class Script is the Default Script, set to DPLAYER3. All other NPC have DPLAYER2 assigned there.

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