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18/99 str robe

I think it's the robe of oli-luc or something like that? Anyway I'm at dorns deep and have 2 dwarven fighters and a decent melee priest; I have a their assassin but for the purpose of this question she doesn't really get too involved in fighting - I do have 2 mages, a dragon disciple and a necromancer and now I have the option to buy this robe for 30k gold... I have 85k in the bank, it seems like a fantastic deal but with 3 melee characters already would I just be better off spending my money on better weapons and armour for them? My mages generally just stay back and cast things like web, magic missile and other air attacks



  • ilduderinoilduderino Member Posts: 715
    I like it on a dragon disciple and would buy it in your position, the extra strength is a handy convenience and your attacks per round will stay at 1. There aren’t many items worth buying (shimmering sash is a must), most stuff from Conlan’s ends up quickly outclassed, and I normally end up swimming in gold. The merchant in the deep gnome village has some nice stuff but you should be loaded by the time you get there.

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