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Problem with Nalia's quest, Khellar Ahmson won't talk to me

SlashRevengeSlashRevenge Member Posts: 2
Nalia was arrested, but Khellor Ahmson hasn't come along yet. I didn't thought about and I left this quest for a couple of days (I thought he will come but he didn't). And I don't want to lose three day progress.

I tried to ignore disappearance of Khellar and try to possess evidences without him. I collect documents from Dirth but I can't enter Roenalls house.

So I'm stuck. Any help would be appreciated!


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,970
    so ususally what happens, is as soon as nalia gets arrested and taken away, khellor appears instantly afterwards

    in your case what may have happened is that he got "stuck" on part of the background and couldn't move to your character ( aka if you are in the docks district perhaps he spawned on top of the harper's roof and will never be able to walk to you )

    so if you can remember exactly where nalia was arrested and taken away, see if there are any areas that buddy might be stuck at, perhaps he is still there?

    if not, you can use the following cheat code to console him in;


    hopefully that will summon him in and everything should be dandy, if not, i believe you need the 3 pieces of evidence to convict isea;

    talk with Barl - C:CreateCreature("barl") - and i believe he talks about pirates/pirating of some sort
    documents from dirth
    and the financial documents - C:CreateItem("misc8n") or C:MoveToArea("ar1009") -

    bring all 3 of those to buddy buddy in the goverment of six building any everything should be fine
  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 3,614
    Barg, not Barl. His creature code is NALBARG, and he only appears after Khellor has been talked to. That should also be the trigger for opening Roenall's estate. If you really need them, some key variables:
    ISAEADOORUNLOCKED - set to 1 to unlock the door so you can get Isaea's documents.
    TALKEDTOBARG - set to 1 to proceed as if you talked to him.

    One common location to hang up - if the scene triggered on leaving the Copper Coronet, Khellor might be up on the roof or the path leading there.
  • SlashRevengeSlashRevenge Member Posts: 2
    I used console and summonned him. He talked with me about Isae. Thank you very much.
  • DeusDelPuercoDeusDelPuerco Member Posts: 2
    Thanks man
  • HipboneHipbone Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I've been trying to find Khellor for ages. Like the previous poster mentioned ,I found him on the roof in the slum district above the Copper Coronet.
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