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Party Building Questions.

FireIce38FireIce38 Member Posts: 1
Ok, so I want Jaheira and Minsc in my party, but I know that they both have baggage.

I want to get rid of Khalid and Dynaheir because I want to replace them with Branwen and Neera.

I assume Khalid is easier to get rid of because all you need to do is let him die. My main problem is Dynaheir. If you ditch Dynaheir, Minsc leaves. If you get Dynaheir killed, Minsc goes berserk and leaves. it true that if you get Minsc killed first and then ditch Dynaheir and resurrect Minsc, you'll get to keep Minsc without Dynaheir?


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,187
    If you want to separate an npc pair simply leave the unwanted npc alone inside a house and then remove him from the party, that way you won't ever negative reactions from their partners.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,884
    also, you can actually kill dynaheir and minsc wont go hostile ( as far as i know he only goes hostile if you dont reach her in time )

    sometimes just for some irony i have minsc kill dynaheir


  • JaemonJaemon Member Posts: 10
    I take Minsc and Jaheira on almost every playthrough, but I never take their partners.

    For Khalid, I let him go play naked with the Hobgoblins outside the Friendly Arm Inn.

    For Dynaheir, I leave everyone at the pit where you find her, and I take her back to the entrance of the Gnoll stronghold to melee Gnoll Slashers. Minsc screams, but he never leaves.

  • SolmageSolmage Member Posts: 17
    It’s fairly easy to go with both Khalid and Dyna, enter a house (I use the friendly arm temple) , move them to the far end of the room, and remove party them out. Exit the room and get away quickly enough - their friends won’t leave this way since they never get to talk to you, and you don’t have to have their blood in your hands.

    Having said that, just to not leave it unmentioned, dynaheir is probably the most powerful wizard in BGEE because she gets -2 to the saves of her web (also her stinking cloud and fireball..) , by being an invoker. (I usually combine her with a second spell caster to cover the spells she can’t cast. Blindness is a good alternative to sleep, and works on really tough enemies, specially after a doom from a cleric or a greater Malison from a second wizard or both)

    Lastly, if you rescue her once you have 32k exp in your main character, she comes with fireball. 😳

    Khalid is surprisingly a really powerful archer if you spec him for it.

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