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Project Infinity: What's the best install order to play with ALL the EET mods?

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I'm new to using Project Infinity and, as of this writing, am using the public beta version. One of my hobbies has been loading as many mods as possible into games and trying them. Playing with EET (the Enhanced Edition Trilogy mod) is the current goal. I'm aware that not every mod can be installed together, and not every mod would work well together even if it could. (No Horde mod due to not wanting extra creatures and no Calling mod due to reported bugs.)

The overall goal of installing so many mods is to experience as much content in one run as possible or practical. (I'm also taking suggestions for mods to add to this list.) Yes, other mods and versions may be released before this run finishes, but such isn't the point.

I'd much rather not install this stuff entirely manually, nor rely on Big World Setup due to it lacking certain vital functionality for me.

Assume all mods will be played on EET for 64-bit Windows using English only.

Finally, I've attached a Word document of the mod install order for certain EET mods for Project Infinity. It doesn't yet have everything, which is why I seek your aid! What's the optimal install order for these using Project Infinity?

Most Essential Mods
NOTE: These mods are the most important ones for us for this run. If these won't work together, there will be some major adjustments.

All mods are listed in alphabetical order, descending.

-Almateria's Restoration Project


-Aura the Gnome Thief (Artificer)

-Drizzt Saga & Region of Terror (I heard RoT sorta continues Drizzt Saga)

-Druid Grove Makeover


-EET/Enhanced Edition Trilogy/DLC Merger & EET Worldmap. As part of this, also add EET Fixpack, Item Patcher, Nightfarer's Area Patcher, Jim's Fixes and Tweaks ("JimFix"), and V25 Area Patch.


-Expanded Mage Stronghold

-Faiths & Powers (especially for multiclass Clerics & Druids!)

-Golem Construction

-Gorion's Dream Restored

-Item Randomizer

-Item Revisions (mostly to remove weapon restrictions from multiclassed Clerics & Druids)

-Keyring/Mod for the Orderly!

-klatu Tweaks and Fixes

-Portraits, Portraits Everywhere

-Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options

-Scales of Balance (mostly the STO/saving throw overhaul and SBO/stat bonus overhaul components)

-SCS/Sword Coast Stratagems

-Shadow Magic

-Sorcerer's Place Collection

-Spell Revisions

-Test Your Mettle!

-Tome and Blood (especially for multiclass Sors!)

-Trials of the Luremaster-in-EET


-Tweaks Anthology

-Will of the Wisps


-Wheels of Prophecy

Mid-Grade Urgency
NOTE: These mods are interesting and I'd like them in, but none seems essential now.

-ALL other mechanics mods, like Multiclass Multikit!

-ALL other quest mods, like Balduran's Sea Tower, Bone Hill, and Tower of Deception!

-Afaaq the Djinni Companion


-Bank of Baldur's Gate

-Bardic Wonders

-'Big Mods' (specifically, Check the Bodies, Dark Horizons, Dark Side of the Sword Coast, Northern Tales of the Sword Coast, Secret of Bone Hill, Shadows over Soulbar, TDD/TDDz/The Darkest Day)

-BGEE Leveled Spawns

-Deepgnomes on the Sword Coast

-Item Upgrades/Weimer's Item Upgrades

-Lighting Pack - Shader Scripts

-Might and Guile

-Picture Standard, The

-Tales of the Deep Gardens

-Thalantyr Item Upgrades

-Vampire World

Low Priority Urgency
NOTE: I want these in, but they're in the 'nice to have' category or 'purposely excluded' category.

-ALL other NPC mods.

-ALL other mods in general, unless I've missed something notably important!
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