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How to defeat the Otyugh in random battle?

Hey guys,

hope u had bautiful x-mas days :-). I am stuck in a random battle between troll steal forest and wyrm forest. The random battle is separated into 3 maps, open field, cave, and some kind of waterhole or well where i can swim through the last map. When you swim through the hole you find yourself surrounded by 4 river trolls, 1 giant troll, 1 carrion crawler, 1 mutated carrion crawler, 2 ocher jelly, and this one otyugh. The map is small, i am soloing as fighter/mage/cleric at level 8/8/8.

The problem is, everything i tried ended up in getting sick/slowed/poisoned from the otyugh not beeing able anymore to cast or fight melee. Nothing helped, no mirror image, no stoneskin, no minor globe of invulnerability, no haste. The otyugh needs a while to walkover to my position, while i am stuck between the other mobs. 3 fireballs and 1 Lightning bolt kill him usually. I use staves after 2 fireball because that is the time, when i am long sick/slowed/poisoned.

Any clue how to beat this situation? Unfortunately i can't cast Minions in the map before this, because minions don't enter maps other than theywhere cast on? When did this change? In my memory in baldurs gate games, your pets enter other maps with you.

Siege of Dragonspear is tedious. Nothing to explore. Very small maps everywhere. Crap loot. No story to excite. Linear as fuck and very repetetive groups of 6 or 9 or 12 mobs distributed around the map.I will get my last 100k exp to the cap and then change to Baldurs Gate 2. Jesus christ this game is some kind of horrible.


  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 6,639
    You could web it, while using MGoI. Blindness would also have a decent chance of working. You could buff up while sanctuaried or invisible to make it very difficult for it to hurt you. Scorchers do more damage than fireballs (wands are better for this at your current levels and to avoid being unable to move for a moment after casting). Free action and protection from poison would prevent its status effects from doing anything to you even if it did hit. Wand monster summons would provide a barrier and give you a chance to take other actions. You could bounce up and down levels until you successfully paralyze it.

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