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EET Install and Portraits

ZeraphilZeraphil Member Posts: 1
edited January 2020 in General Modding
I recently decided to do another playthrough of an fresh EET Installation. The Game is running so far but missing some of the Portraits I installed.
Where does an EET Install store its Portraits? Because the regular Portrait Folder in \Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy\Portraits is empty, so are the Portraits Folder in the regular Game Folders. Is there a Folder i'm missing? And can i add Portraits to an finished EET Installation?

I included my WeiDU log in this Post. If there is a similar Topic already, please merge this Post with it.

Thanks in advance

/edit to specify: The Game does not pull the Isandir Potraits Pack for the Character Creation for some reason. The Mod itself is there, so are all the .bmp files.

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  • QuichyboQuichybo Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2020
    My custom portrait is in \Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy\Portraits aswell although it is one I downloaded from the google. Like the game tells you it has to be a 24bit BMP and about 210x330 pixels. Mine is 208px wide but it gets stretched, so that is okay. Maybe tha game does not recognize the files because they are in wrong format (jpg, png) or have the wrong colour depth (has to be 24 bbp). The filename might also be too long, I think they should be max. 8 characters long.

    I would guess that the portraits from the mod are not under "custom" portraits but in a seperate folder. Have you used the search function of your operating system and looked for *.bmp? Today there shouldn't be that many since most pictures are usually jpg... sort it by file size, the portraits' size is about 201kb.

    My advice: google for "isandir portrait pack", choose a portrait, if necessary convert it to BMP (e.g. via irfanview) and copy it to your "\Documents\Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition Trilogy\Portraits".
    Did you do your install via Big World Setup? I did and I have no idea if I am missing any portraits. There are many but I don't know which are mods. Thats why I used google to find a matching portrait.

    I hope that helped in some way, good luck!

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