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Bug (also a cheat): Adding Spells to Sorcerer's "spellbook"


Not sure where to post bugs, so I'll kindly ask a fellow forumer to repost this in the appropriate site.


Platform: Xbox
Nature of Exploit: Load / Save bug

I made an elf sorcerer, picked two spells (magic missiles and shield), saved the game, quit to main menu, then made a conjurer (human) and picked three spells (armor, find familiar and sleep), then made its own save.

Reloaded the sorcerer and voilà: sorcerer now knows magic missile, shield, armor, summon familiar and sleep. Proceeded to ankheg fields to test if the game would let me pick more spells than five; abused sleep, farmed ankhegs to level three, picked a sixth spell (blindness). Opened the spellbook and there it is: all six spells available.

Haven't tested if this also works with leveled mages with meatier spellbooks. If if does, you can literally have a sorcerer with any number of spells per spell circle as you want.

This needs fixing ASAP if you ask me, but it's also kind of an awesome cheat / glitch.


  • MaurvirMaurvir Member Posts: 891
    It may be a legit bug, but you really only punish yourself when you do stuff like this. Besides, sorcerers are for when you realize you probably only use about 3-4 spells per level anyway. The challenge is in figuring out which spells are useful from low to high levels.

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