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Bgee, how to make strings appear over objects?

Wizer13Wizer13 Member Posts: 65
Hi everyone,

Been testing some line of codes for my mod, but it doesn't seem to work.

Let's say the action in the script is by interacting with an NPC, I want to make a string appear over its head, like it does for some scripts (exemple: *gulps a potion*). They also have this feature in Planescape Torment, BG2EE and Siege of Dragonspear when you click on an area, a string will appear and describe what you see for a few seconds.
It is because this code don't work in BGEE?

Here's what i tried:

DisplayStringHead(*Object*,*Line referenced in my .tra)

I've also tried


But it says that my NPC isn't referenced in NPC.ids, so it wont work either.

I just don't wanna have to create a bunch of .cre with .dlg just for a few lines to settle the mood in Planescape.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thx for your time!


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