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Zoom locked

Playing Icewind Dale EE Ps4, just left the hand and after the cinematic chapter 4 intro the zoom in/ zoom out just stopped working. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


  • inethineth Member Posts: 594
    Have you accidentally activated "Zoom Lock" in the in-game Graphics options?

    (Or if it's really a bug, maybe activating Zoom Lock and then deactivating it again fixes it?)

  • MoebMoeb Member Posts: 3
    Unlikey as multiple saves and reloads went by with the zoom locked until it eventually fixed itself. No idea what happened to trigger the fix but the bug did occur after zooming just as a voice over dialogue was triggered which caused a momentary freezing, not sure if it's correlation or causation or neither. Tried to port the same characters to the expansion and lost and or got reassigned random items and spells as well. Corruption in the save possibly?

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