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Neothelid stats and behaviour


I've been attempting solo no-reloads run lately, and noticed that the Neothelid cannot be avoided (he follows you anywhere on the Temple map, whether stealthed or not), unless you keep fleeing from him.

I have been lucky to kill him each time so far, but I don't like to rely on luck.

Problem is: I don't really know what spells/abilities he uses, his attack pattern or how to evade his repetitive summoning ability.

What I know:
- it often burrows underground, which makes it almost impossible to fight him from range ;
- he has a sort of psionic attack, but I have no idea what it does or its counters (I read somewhere that it can charm and/or stun you ? What is the save ? Does it bypass MR ?)
- his attacks are "normal" attacks ? Do they have a special ability (I think he has some kind of poison ability) ? What kind of damage (slashing? crushing?) ?
- his summons look like lesser versions of Mordenkainen's Sword : I think they immune to physical damage ? How often does he summon them ? And does he only summon them in his initial room or does he keep summoning them if he teleports on your location outside the room ?

If anyone has info on the Neothelid stats/script, I'd be really thankful for any input !



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