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How to keep Minsc in the party without Dynaheir

So, I was looking at Minsc and Dynaheir's dialogue options, and I found something that might be interesting for those who just want Minsc on the team. In fact, you can just keep him without using any method like putting Dynaheir in a place where you don't intend to go back and then kicking her off the party or, more radically, killing her.

- Don't talk with Minsc in Nashkel
- Go to Gnoll Stronghold (you will find it if you explore the areas west of Nashkel)
- Rescue Dynaheir and refuse she in the party
- Go back to Nashkel and talk with Minsc
- An option will appear stating that you have already saved Dynaheir. He will be dishonored, and will ask to fight for you.
- Now you have only Minsc in the party



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