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EE on PS4 Chat/Log Window Size

I have been searching and cannot find an answer... how to resize this window? When I push the square button to access the hot-bar the chat window shows some text just above it that reads: "Toggle Size" but I have no idea how to make that happen.....


  • Shug70Shug70 Member Posts: 3
    OK so I was able to accidentally run across the answer for this in case anyone else comes here with the same question: hit square button to access hotbar mode then pressing R3 will toggle the chat panel through 4 different sizes.

    The problem was that when I was in hotbar mode I could see the text just above the text panel which read "toggle size" but until I clicked the R3 button there was no icon FOR the R3 button next to that text. So I had no indication of how to actually resize the chat panel. Now that Icon is there... a bug of some sort.

    Good on me if I save the day! ;)

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