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Viconia (and clerics in Ascension)

I really like Viconia (especially in BG1 with NPC Project) but I can´t force myself to take her in the party in BG2. The problem si her class, single class cleric. In my setting (SCS, Ascension, insane, no double damage) I find pure cleric redundant. Anomen is better (half attack from 7 levels of fighter is huge and the the possibility to attain grandmastery also), Aerie is half mage so always better, Jaheira is one of the strongest classes in the game and Cernd with shapeshifter´s tweak from SCS is very strong melee fighter in early parts of SoA. But later he starts to loose his edge.
I find that classes that aren´t capable to deal huge amount of physical damage are becoming weaker in ToB with Ascension. Mage are great because they can protect themselves and cast planetars but in these later parts of the game it is physical damage what wins the fights.
What is you opinion on Viconia in Ascension battles? Do you use single class clerics or do you prefer Anomen, Jaheira and Aerie?


  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,204
    Two words: Energy Blades.

    Not as strong as smashing an enemy with Crom Faer but it does give Viconia plenty of attacks per round and you can spend nearly all of her slots on it.

    Also, Ascension Yaga Shura is vulnerable to spell Harm , so here's another utility for Vicky.

    What else... well, give her a potion of speed for two attacks per round and position her next to Sendai so she can absorb as much magic as possible with her magic resistance.

    She can also work as support character and use staff of ressurection to either raise or heal party members.

    I guess that's it. Not as strong as Anomen because she ain't no fighter, but she does have some utility in the final battle.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,175
    i don't play with that setting so i can be wrong.

    it is true that anomen has more attacks from his lev 7 fighter and GM, and he has also some more hp, but every cleric if properly buffed should go to the battle buffed late game.
    this mean fighter like thac0, a kai like effect, 25 str, better ac from better dex and some more hp (2hp/level + the ones from the con increase).
    this mean that every cleric can reliably hit mlee or ranged for high damage and can DW without problems.
    and as @DJKajuru tells they have their own GWW, energy blades, for a high burst damage.

    is viky's MR enough to offset anomen's apr and better hp? probably not.
    but she is far from useless.
    compared to the other divine casters aerie is a superior caster, one of the most powerful and versatile npcs, but being multi her combat buffs become relevant later, will tank better thank to her arcane magic, but viky will buff for attack and reach energy blades earlier.
    jaheira being multi is good at mlee, same apr as anomen, but takes forever to reach full casting power, cernd as soon as his shapeshifted form becomes less effective is the less useful of them all, no apr from a fighter side, no attack buffs from a cleric one.

    i rate aerie the strongest of them all and jaheira and anomen better then viky for their superior apr, but she, in end game and also earlier, can go mlee with FoA and a strong mace/hammer and hit hard with good thac0 or keep distance and cast while she uses a sling for more then 25 dmg/hit. and when needed she has the blades for a strong burst damage.

    she is not the strongest, but she is far from being useless.

  • velehalvelehal Member Posts: 251
    Energy Blades are great idea. I have currently installed the SCS changes of priest´s and mage´s HLA but it can be changed. Thank you very good advice.

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