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Question regarding the mod SCS

I'm trying out the mod SCS for the Baldur's Gate series. It's a welcome addition to an otherwise awsome game, which makes it abit more realistic as a whole.

However, I think there might be some glitches from time to time.

For example. I'm using the "tactical" difficulty. Thus, no mages in the game should use any HLA: s. Still, Illasera in ToB cast fallen planetar and the like. Why is this? Also, when I charm/dominate high level enemy mages, they have many HLA:s memorized, but are not using them... It feels like the creator of SCS had mages and the like memorize some HLAs, even though they are not actually casting these spells on certain difficulty levels.




  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,161
    Are you also using Ascension? It's likely that Ascension has its own difficulty not directly related to SCS (though the two are designed to work together).

    Also, SCS's new dynamic difficulty option means you can change difficulty settings in-game at will, so naturally enemies would need to have things available to use if you should choose to change the difficulty - it shouldn't matter much to you as long as they don't use them, which they won't unless the settings allows for it.

    That being said, SCS like any other mod will never be 100% bug free, and if you feel you've found a genuine problem you should report it on the SCS forums over at G3.

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