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Mae'Var's mission and Cleric Stronghold: Necklace of Talos

AmelianAmelian Member Posts: 19
I'm playing a Cleric PC for the first time and have done all the stronghold quests. Being NG, I joined the Lathandrians and needed to wipe out the Talos temple.
Well, now I need to steal Weathermistress Ada's Necklace and ... well, she's quite dead. There's no necklace to be found in the empty temple and I can't remember if she had one on her when I killed her or what I could have done with it. Is the necklace an item that I could have sold? Did I need to give it to the Lathandrians after I completed the attack?
I'm quite lost at the moment as I've never played as a Cleric before and therefor have never run into this particular problem.

Does anybody know a solution?


  • ronaldoronaldo Member Posts: 263
    Did you check her room at the temple? If I'm remembering right she isn't wearing the necklace but it's in a table next to her bed. I believe it's the room to the southern side of the temple when you enter.

  • AmelianAmelian Member Posts: 19
    Yeah, I've been to the temple twice. The chest next to her bed is empty and I remember I've been looting it when I fought my way through the temple. I just can't remember what's been inside and what I might have done with it.

    I've already checked the Copper Coronet and Adventure's Market as they are my go-to-selling locations and they have no necklace.

  • jsavingjsaving Member Posts: 949
    I've always done the Mae'Var quest first too, but I happened to start a new game a few days ago and can confirm the necklace exists in-game before you speak to him.

  • AmelianAmelian Member Posts: 19
    Thanks all of you. I've been an idiot.

    @gorgonzola gave me the right clue: I haven't been to the temple at night. I thought Mae'Var's hint was just that, a way to solve the quest more easily, and since I've destroyed the temple at night, I thought the Necklace might have been there and I have lost it (just as I apparently have lost the pommel of the Equalizer, dunno where that thing went).
    Anyway, I came back to the temple at night and there the necklace was in the chest, even though Weathermistress Ada isn't around anymore to have placed it there. Well, it's magic, probably. :D

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,646
    it is surely magic, the necklace is enchanted (coded) to magically go from ada's neck to the chest at sunset and back to her neck at sunrise...
    i am happy that you solved the problem.

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