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Haste only adds .5 APR with sling?

Hasted my cleric/mage and his APR went from 1 to 3/2. Is this normal? Always thought it just added 1apr to everyone.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,340
    do you have mods installed?

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 564
    tedmann12 wrote: »
    Hasted my cleric/mage and his APR went from 1 to 3/2. Is this normal? Always thought it just added 1apr to everyone.

    That's weird.

    Normally, "normal" haste (from spell or oil of speed) improves your APR to the next integer number.

    E.g: if your ApR before haste is 1; 2; 3 or 4 --> it improves to 2; 3; 4 or 5 respectively.
    If your current ApR is 3/2; 5/2; 7/2 or 9/2 --> it adds only a half APR and improves to 2; 3; 4 or 5 respectively.

    Note that you normally can't go higher than 5 ApR, the only exceptions are:
    - whirlwind HLA, sets your attacks to 10 (if dual-wielding, 8 from main hand, 2 from offhand)
    - Minute Melf Meteores + haste = 6 ApR (5 from base MMM, +1 from Haste, not sure how it works with fighter levels)
    - Improved haste: doubles your ApR, up to 10 max ApR.

  • tedmann12tedmann12 Member Posts: 104
    So I realized that it was from Spell Revisions. Went into nearinfinity and changed that because only adding .5 apr is stupid!

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  • tedmann12tedmann12 Member Posts: 104
    Yeah your probably right, its definitely not stupid, I might revert it... I’m just so used to a full apr... but haste as is, is op in bg1

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,198
    Haste being super powerful is exactly WHY the SR mod tones it down ;)

    But I'm all for customization at the individual level. If you find yourself enjoying different values more, I see nothing wrong with changing them to your taste. That's what makes modding so great.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,646
    edited February 9
    Increasing attack output by 50% party-wide with a 3rd-level spell is... stupid?

    You and I have different idea of what “stupid” means.

    this is true only if all the party has 1 base apr and no one is using +1 apr weapon.
    but i would say that in an average bg2 party the front liners have more then 1 apr, fighters with lev 13 and GM can have up to 4 if DW, assuming that they don't use weapons that add attacks.

    for the ranged mages it is also true if they use a sling, if they prefer the darts they have 3 apr.

    the rogues when ranged probably use a bow (2 apr, 3 if they use tugian bow) or maybe the firetooth Xbow (also 2 apr) or returning daggers ( again 2 apr).

    so the percentage increase of the attack output for some mid soa parties can be way less then 50%, in some cases late game probably less then 15%.

    also the party members that more benefit of the apr increase from the spell, the ones that have less apr, probably have worst thac0, so they miss more often, and have the less damaging attacks as usually you give the items that can increase the damage, like some braciers or the str belts, to the fighters that have more apr, not to the mages or thieves (here the clerics are an exception as buffed and with good sling and bullets they have a good alpha damage).

    the difference between the regular haste and the modded one is 3 apr and the vanilla one adds only 6 apr to the whole party. for some bg2 parties this makes a very little difference.
    let's take a party with charname FMT DW with the +1/2 apr gauntlets, jaheira with belm OH, haer dalis with 2 speed weapons, anomen DW, mazzy with tugian and naliia with darts, you have 4+4.5+4+3.5+5+3=24apr. 3 or 6 more will not change the dmg output so much, and in that case 27 instead of 24 is stupid for a lev 3 spell.
    EDIT: compare it with slow, remove magic, fireball and skull trap or even with MMM... END OF EDIT.

    talking of bg it is different as the fighters have less pips and levels and is not flooded of speed weapons like bg2, there the percentage increase is surely higher. there 3 apr more are surely relevant.


    but the increase of the apr is only half of the story about haste, the other half, imo the more relevant, is the better mobility the party gets that opens a lot of tactical chances.
    a fast toon can better run away before an aoe spell connect, can better retreat if his health becomes too low, can reach faster a new enemy after he kills the previous one and on and over.
    even modding haste in a way that removes the apr increase it would anyway be a very powerful spell in the hands of a player that micro manage how the party moves on the battlefield.

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