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What do the catagories in the Feed Back menu do?

I am trying to cut down on unnecessary feedback messages but I don't understand the Feedback Messages menu. Can someone explain to me what the catagories mean? The catagories are: 1.) To-Hit Rolls- (this is obvious), 2.) Actions - see characters' action messages in the dialog window (what actions)? 3.) State Changes (this one's obvious also). 4.) Combat Information - What do they mean by Combat information what combat information? 5.) Selection Text - I have no idea what this means. 6.) Miscellaneous - I have absolutely NO idea what this means.

Please enlighten me so I dont get bombarded by useless feedback.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,977
    actions i believe are things like;

    charname is attacking so and so
    edwin casts magic missile
    anomen cast cure light wounds
    monster attacks charname

    things like that

    combat information i believe is things like damage rolls, saving throws, things like that

    selection text is when you actually select a character or make them move it will show up what they are saying in the dialogue window

    miscellaneous i believe does all the rest of character sounds like; like trap setting, spell getting disrupted, getting hurt, killed, ect

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