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What are the best places to find Avatars for your characters in the game?

I haven't been able to find a picture that I like.



  • NeverusedNeverused Member Posts: 782
    I tend to use deviantart: there’s a lot of bad stuff, but there’s amazing gems here and there. Searching for portraits, OCs or commissioned artworks tend to help.

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,646
    being able to use photoshop (you have to pay for it) or the gimp (less powerful but free) it is possible to baldurize almost anything, if you have some skill in image editing.
    movies, television series like games of thrones, images you can google on the net. there is plenty of sources to start the work, some of them even need only to crop and resize, a very easy task that does not need particular skills.

    also if you find a suitable picture or screenshot from a movie, you crop it and resize it and you ask on the forums i bet that many forum mates with image editing software and skill will be happy to baldurize them for you.

    i pretty much don't care about avatars those days, but in the past i had little problem in creating my own custom avatars. at now i can not help you as i have no more image editing software installed on the computer.

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