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Why won't "The Sleeper" appear in the Haxxact's quest?

This has never happened before I have Haxxact in my party and she dispelled that purple thing and my party walked over to the point where the sleeper should awaken and kill Haxxact but she never appears. ccfgsvjjui58.png


  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 141
    Hexxat suppressed a shiver of delight. Her plan had worked perfectly. Her brave pigeon had returned to the nest bringing the Bhallspawn with it. Soon she would feast on the brave pigeon, and take her place of power at the high table next to this mortal on their path to god hood.
    But what was this? a scratching at the edge of her senses. A chittering. The scrabble of many legs, the rasp of chitinous wings.
    A bug! an enormous hairy gamebreaking bug. Not just one, hundreds, thousands of bugs. Ancient and evil and incubated by the mysterious “beamdog” before being released on the world.
    Instead of a lair Hexxats tomb was a tomb, she was devoured, destroyed beyond any possible hope of restoration. Her gaseous form helpless, her ancient evil powerless. Even the eldest vampire in the universe could not return to life from what she now was. Bug$hit.

    Bugs man, they are everywhere. Maybe cheat her back in with EEkeeper or the console if possible?

  • dunbardunbar Member Posts: 1,564
    edited February 9
    That bit is glitchy - I think it has something to do with whether or not the whole party is there or if Clara is on her own (that purple patch seems to try to keep some or all of the party out).
    Try sending just Clara through the purple patch alone, and if that doesn't work make sure that the whole party goes through and stands in front of the tomb (having party members hiding in shadows probably doesn't help either).

    Edit: I've just remembered that the Shroud must be at the tomb as well as Clara, so if it's in the inventory of someone who hasn't got through the purple patch, or isn't close enough to the tomb (or is hiding in shadows?) Hexxat won't appear.

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  • jmerryjmerry Member Posts: 1,115
    edited February 10
    Do you have Protection from Undead active on the protagonist? The Sleeper is undead, and needs to talk to the protagonist to progress things - which they can't as long as PfU is active. If so, you need to either dispel it or wait it out.

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