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leveling up

Hi have just got the Xbox One version of the game and having issues getting my party to level up. Have 4 including my main character with the + in their windows but when I click in the window nothing happens so all still level 1 and I am having to run from fights like with the vampire wolves near the Temple.
Also is there a way I can view my character stats as not been able to do so yet.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,035
    I do not own the console versions, but on the pc, you need to specifically click the "+" sign if trying to level up through portraits. You can also go into their character sheet, Where it shows their portrait and stats, and click the "level up" button there.

  • monicomonico Member Posts: 413
    Haven't played the console versions too, but on iPad the + sign on the icons don't work either (or at least, it is too small to allow touching it).

    Which means you have to go into the character sheet (the 5th tag on the left, the one showing a head), then in the middle of your character sheet there will be a "level up" button.

    Good luck on your playthrough, be mindful of those vampire wolves: they need magical weapons to be hurt !

  • Grond0Grond0 Member Posts: 5,723
    I don't have the console version either, but I suppose it's possible that doesn't have the shortcut icons to character record, inventory etc you get on the PC version (to save limited visual screen space). However, does the game not come with a manual? Selecting the character record is such a basic action I'd be very surprised if the console buttons used to get to that are not listed somewhere.

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