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Is it possible to override a dialog.tlk entry without using \override folder?


I think I know the answer to this since I don't see one anywhere in my searches and cant find one testing, but it never hurts to ask. Is there a way to modify the base bioware/beamdog tlk entries without having to resort to using the override folder? I'm looking for a distributed way through hak, or something like that, where I can rewrite certain strings in the default tlk but only specific to my modules.

Custom TLKs only allow us to append to the existing default tlk, but not change entries under 16777217. I am aware you can redirect the strref in 2das, and .gui files to a limited extent, but there are some entries that I do not see exposed anywhere in the game files for me to redirect. I also tried putting an edited dialog.tlk in a hak, but that didn't work.

Anyone know of a workaround for this? Thanks,

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