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Can someone explain me what is supposed to happen after chapter 6? SPOILERRRRS

I feel like I'm missing something.

After being unjustly accused, you head to baldur's gate.

I go straight to duke eltan and free him from the doppleganger.

then I go to slythe\kristine in the underdark, kill them and get my invitation.

The journal informs me I should head to Iron throne, but I can simply enter the ceremony room and talk about the documents I have.

So... How am I supposed to play the story straight? I read about Angelo kidnapping you. Where is it supposed to happen and when? Heard also about Neb. Please help.


  • dracsidiousdracsidious Member Posts: 18
    You are missing something, we all are, the other part of the game. Nouns abound. Neb is connected to the little twins. The mystery is how it reveals itself. This game is much more than these posted walk-throughs.

  • PokotaPokota Member Posts: 765
    edited December 2020
    Read the invitation you picked up from Slythe/Kristine in the Undercity again.

    You're not supposed to go to the Iron Throne in the southwest sector, you're supposed to go to the Ducal Palace in the middle sector.


  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,453
    before you head to the ducal palace you need one of 2 documents with you;

    the assassination note from slythe or sarevok's diary

    if you go to the confrontation without one of those 2 documents, then you get killed on the spot after you kill the dopplegangers and get the good ol' game over screen

    the assassination note can be found on slythe's body ( in fact there is even a note at the bottom of the page that says;

    This note looks important and you should hold on to it )

    the diary of sarevok can be found on the top level of the iron throne, you will have to battle a mage that summons a couple of ogres to get it though

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