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Nalia won't take no for an answer

Heya, got a bit of a problem. I'm playing a F/D dual, but decided to do the De'Arnise keep first to shut Nalia up. However, now she leaves the party if I say I don't want to be lord of the land. And she'll only rejoin if I agree. That's blackmail. :(

I really wanted to try out the druid grove. If I do that now, will she calm down and rejoin with forcing the fightr stronghold on me? I really didn't think it'd become such a problem. :(


  • ZaxaresZaxares Member Posts: 1,091
    You need to be careful though... As a dual-class character, I believe the game will only offer the stronghold for whichever is your current/future class. Meaning that if Druid was your old class, or if it hasn't yet surpassed Fighter in levels, the game will only ever offer you the De'Arnise Keep and not the Druid Grove. I'm not 100% sure how it all works as I mainly play single-class characters, so perhaps somebody who's more familiar with the system can advise you.

  • PetyconPetycon Member Posts: 7
    edited February 26
    Actually, I managed to solve the issue without getting the druid stronghold first. Apparently, I had to be very firm in my refusal with Nalia at the first opportunity - basically, saying that I just want to get my reward and go.

    Trying to be nice to her, even asking about what troubles her, would immediately lock her into her no-refusal mode.

    She still quit the party, but when I found her again by the gate, she wanted to rejoin instead of badgering me about the keep.

    Unfortunately, this means that I had to pass on the 10k gold you get when you complete the area with her in the party. She only gave me 650 before storming off. Oh, well, gold practically grows on trees in BG2, and I was able to plant a very nice garden near Trademeet...

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