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Toolset Crash on Copying objects from one area to another

OserynOseryn Member Posts: 8
edited February 2020 in Technical Support
After the December 2019 EE patch, I started having access violation errors that locked the tooleset, to where I had to close the toolset via task manager. This happens now often (but not all the time), whenever I copy an object from one area and paste it into another area.

For example I might select a waypoint, a couple of placeables and a sound object, hit ctrl-c open a different area and hit ctrl-v and get the error.

What's a little more maddening is if I open the mod, open an area, copy one of multiple object, go to another area, paste those objects, it might be fine for a few copy and paste operations, then all of a sudden, it's not ok and I get the lockup. It doesn't seem to matter if I try to copy one object of multiple objects.

What does guarantee a lockup though is if I go into an area, copy and paste in that same area (and that never causes an error), but then the moment I go to another area and try to paste - error - every time.

I'm running EE on windows 10 and have never experienced this in the past. No new hardware or drivers on my system.

Anyone else experiencing this - any ideas what might be causing it?

Edited to add a screenshot


  • otherhandotherhand Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2020
    I'm also having this problem, it's becoming a major headache for things that can't just be thrown into the palette to get around it. I'm running the GOG version on Windows 10 as well.

    Edit: After searching around, I may have found a solution - if you go to Options>General and turn off "Use environment mapping on creatures and items", it might not crash.

  • OserynOseryn Member Posts: 8
    Thanks. After the last patch this stopped happening. I'll remember that "Use environment mapping on creatures and items setting" though. That triggered an old memory of that being an issue with something else too. Thanks.

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