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For the first time I've blasted my way through Ust Natha instead of questing

JesusCamdenJesusCamden Member Posts: 1
I'm doing an SCS+Ascension solo run, and my F/M reached the XP cap at F level 24 and M level 20.

I find capping XP an extremely boring thing to happen in BG, so when I reached Chapter 5, I thought it was time to try something new: at the gates of Ust Natha I simply said I was an ally of Adalon.

Of course after dispatching the guard and entering the city, every single drow was hostile. The following battle was interesting. When I eventually had to retreat to Adalon's lair, I discovered enemies wouldn't follow me there - I wonder why =] - and I could rest, cheesy but necessary I think.

My tactics consisted basically of summoning Simulacrum, and have him summon Planetaar (in SCS Mage's HLA are not Level 9 spells but Innate Talents). Both Simu and I would GWW drow in large scales, both Celestial Furies striking lightning and stunning our enemies. Planetaar would always have Globe around her, and a few Earthquakes too. Also unluckly for the poor drow, their Magic Resistances did nothing against my Dragon's Breath, which helped a lot when Planetaar, Simu and I became very surrounded.

Balors were challenging, so before my 2nd rest I prepared myself to become immune to fire.

I found very interesting that, during the battle, two additional and brand new Matron Mothers came. Supposedly from another city or something, because they came in through Natha's entrance.

After many dozens were dead, it was a simple matter to get the eggs back and get out of the Underdark.

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  • monicomonico Member Posts: 564
    I discovered recently in a pacifist run an even quicker way out of the Underdark: after Adalon transforms you, you can directly head to the exit of the underdark and convince (high reaction needed) the drow gatekeepers to let you through.
    No fighting needed except maybe the demon in the svirfneblin's village (or you can just pickpocket/kill the svirfneblin's leader for the gem to access Adalon's lair. Talking to her without helping the village kills them all though)

  • iosfrustrationiosfrustration Member Posts: 136
    I love this story, thank you for sharing. An avenging angel of righteousness arrives at the gates, loudly declares their intentions, and puts the entire city to the sword and flame.

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