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Finishing BG for the first time.

Hi all, so after playing BG like 20+ years ago and not finishing it. I finally think its time to come back to it. Will I have any issues running the original 5 disc version on a Windows 10 computer or should I just buy a Pentium One on eBay and play it the way I did when I was a kid. I got a bunch of old school games so might be worth the investment to buy some older hardware. Crazy but some older parts cost more than I brand new computer.



  • ShangerooShangeroo Member Posts: 84
    Agree with Thacobell. Get the EE edition. When I played back on the PC version years ago, one reason why I never really played any of the kits was because I couldn't take a character all the way through BG1 and then SOA and TOB. Starting a new character in SOA just didn't feel right. Maybe it's just me. I love EE when it came out on IOS because it allowed me to do that (as well as play on my iPhone).

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 5,058
    as far as i recall vanilla BG1 can play on windows 10, but if you can, as others have said, using the EEs is so much better, its so much more cleaned up, and it runs a million times better

    plus vanilla BG can only run in 640x480 RES ( yikes ) unless you do some modding, and then when you crank the RES up with mods, you will realize the walking speed is absolutely atrocious

    so my advice; if you can, buy the EEs, it will make your life much easier

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