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[Please help] How to edit existing character soundsets? (Jaheira, Minsc etc.)

Romeo_RedRomeo_Red Member Posts: 14
Hi all,

Lately I've been struggling with an issue regarding character sounds in BG:EE & BG2:EE.

See, I played through the entire saga numerous times, but I always played only the English version of the games. For my next playthrough I decided to play in my native language (Polish) for the first time, but I quickly found out that the soundsets for the playable characters were recorded very poorly (it's understandable, since the original recordings are from 20 years ago and probably weren't remasterd for the Enhanced Editions).

Battlecries from Jaheira and Minsc especially are way too loud which results in sound clipping and horrible distortion that hurts my ears. What I was hoping to do was to extract these sounds and try to edit them in Cubase to see if I can somehow minimze the sonic damage to my ears.

I've successfuly located the sounds in question in the "lang/pl-PL/sounds" folder. I can open the files and listen to them in NearInfinity, but when I export them, I am unable to open them in any program or media player. I get the message that the files are corrupted / extension not supported, even though they're in .wav.

Do you guys know of any workaround that would enable me to edit these files, so I can override the existing distorted ones? All help appreciated!


  • Dark_AnsemDark_Ansem Member Posts: 975
    have you tried renaming then to OGG?
  • Romeo_RedRomeo_Red Member Posts: 14
    thanks for your answer Dark_Ansem but don't bother, I decided to just go back to the English version and save myself the hassle.
  • Dark_AnsemDark_Ansem Member Posts: 975
    I mean, they are quite good voices...
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