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Problem with interject_copy_trans with companion

Wizer13Wizer13 Member Posts: 65
Hi everyone!

I know how to set Interject_copy_trans for npc quite well, but when it comes with companions I created and then joins the party, the interjections never works.

Let's say I take for example a line from a joined character, PPElros (which line would be located in the PPElrosJ.dlg), interacting with an NPC, PPYor.

==PPElros IF ~Detect("PPYor")!StateCheck("PPYor",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) ~ THEN ~Humph! Of course! Because the Harmonium says so, this is the Rule of Law! Well, I have some news for you, Hard Head: It ain't over 'til I said so.~
==PPYor IF ~Detect("PPElros")!StateCheck("PPElros",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) ~ THEN ~Your devotion to your sister is admirable, halfling, but it will not help her in any way. The law is the same for everyone.~
==PPElros IF ~Detect("PPYor")!StateCheck("PPYor",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) ~ THEN ~The same, my a**! Is this how you try to justify your guilt? Or, maybe you just don't care since she's affiliated to the Free League.~

I've tried setting the ID to PPElrosJ in this example instead of PPElros, thinking the issue was the identification of the character, but no avail. Normally I would think the character in presence of the npc at the right paragraph would trigger the banter, so I'm wondering what I am doing wrong.

Thank you for your time!

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