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Benefit of waiting for the iPad

It looks like there are quite a few bugs still lurking in the first release. Perhaps the iPad version will get patched up sooner as it has not even been submitted to the store yet. Well, this is turning a bit disappointing, but it really looks like they pushed this out the door a good month earlier than they should have. Lessons to learn for BG2:EE!



  • dtaquetdtaquet Member Posts: 25
    Silver lining and quite probably true.

  • kverdonkverdon Member Posts: 27
    Well the "Silver Lining" may be a bit tarnished. If they have not already fixed the IPAD version it could be QUITE a while before they get back to it give the myriad of PC problems they are going to have to fix. I can't even get the PC version to run.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    To be honest, their windows problem's biggest issue is lack of open beta.

    Look, they tore down pretty much the entire underpinning of the game and built it back up using current standards and techniques. If they didn't see massive hardware incompatibility coming I don't know what these people do for a living.

    They should have been smart and released a "Prolog" play-through with a level lock MONTHS ago as an open download for the PC...or at worst case, to only those with a paid per-release subscription. This isn't hard...remove a door / area transition and allow it to download the entire client.

    This would have solved the windows threads months ago and produced a release date that was reasonable instead of "well we think we'll be ready by this point...after all, it works on our 5 beta tester's machines!"

    I'm praying that due to the lack of hardware differences (the reason you, as a professional developer, releases on iPad first and not Android) the iPad release will be well tested...after all they've only got 5 platforms to test on (iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad4 and Mini iPad).

    There could be other app compatibility issues, no question about it, but at minimum the base functionality should work pretty well just by minimal testing...and we hopefully won't run into the same problems the windows folks have with the plethora of hardware differences and "mix and match" mentalities.

    Surprised the OS X version is having problems actually...the same hardware locks are in place for that platform as well.


  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Member Posts: 950
    I suppose it was inevitable to have these issues considering the many platforms they are offering it on now. On the bright side, it should only improve as the patches come forth!

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    This is why I"m confused why they didn't do an open beta/demo level piece of software first. Not only does it help hype the game (new players who've never heard of BG can experience the RPG play), but it allows all the various hardware to run a pre-release test on the software.

    BG:EE Is a unique development effort. In most cases it can be almost impossible to find the right place to put out a demo. IN BG:EE you have the game already...from DAY ONE you could release a demo version of the software because it's a working piece of software with the graphics, story, characters and all pieces working. Every time you change something on the back end in code your goal is not to see "what's been added" but to get back to "what was" only better.

    It can't be rocket science to realize that if you take a 20 year old piece of software and update it to current standards, your software MIGHT have some compatibility problems with some of the newer hardware...amazingly enough CPUs, Video Cards and other pieces of hardware and software have changed since 1996...I know, I'm shocked also.

    "Hey world at large. Here's the opening movie! Can you get it to load?"

    I guarantee to you that would have fixed/saved at least 3/4 of the problems appearing in the Windows thread right now.


  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Member Posts: 950
    I'm going to guess that they were running out of time and had to push it out the door to get the money coming in.

  • IllydthIllydth Member, Developer Posts: 1,641
    edited November 2012
    Kickstarter anyone? Paid Beta Anyone? (hey it's worked for Mechwarror Online!)

    They started with a fully developed game. No reason they couldn't have removed the exit points from the starting map and released the full software for download (you just couldn't play anything but the first zone).

    *Shrug* Maybe it's harder than I'm figuring but they've HAD beta testers, I just don't understand why you couldn't take what is being betaed and release a more limited version of it to the masses to test for hardware incompatibility.

    BTW Reading the windows forum, why do I get the feeling the iPad forum is like the rock in the middle of the hurricane. :)

  • GygaxianProseGygaxianProse Member Posts: 201
    I'm a little tempted to dl the Win version, but for me the whole point is to be curled up on a couch with BG in a folio with headphones. iPad gaming is just a different experience. A few more days, a week...whatever. I hope team is taking regular breaks, and not stressing overmuch.

  • Space_hamsterSpace_hamster Member Posts: 950
    Compared to the windows forum, we ipad users are a mellow bunch. =)

  • GygaxianProseGygaxianProse Member Posts: 201
    Yeah. If I want an intense gaming experience, I put together a rig a few yrs ago...3ghz Athlon x3, 4GB ram, radeon hd 5700....any more would have required a bigger PSU, which I ruled out. Added a 27" panel last year. It's great for 3D games, and editing audio is nice with a huge monitor.

    But the iPad 3 is so much better on the eyes, Boo. I think BG, especially with all its text, is going to be preferable on as high a res as possible. Not to mention iPads are IPS.

  • DovakhiinDovakhiin Member Posts: 113

    It's because we're more patient than windows player, and also because we know that it's useless to have the same behavior lol

  • GygaxianProseGygaxianProse Member Posts: 201
    Dovakhiin said:


    It's because we're more patient than windows player, and also because we know that it's useless to have the same behavior lol

    if our iPads were running Windows *shudders* we'd be in the same boat....we're not more patient, we have a less frustrating, and rather pricey, platform

  • DragonwingDragonwing Member Posts: 11
    Hell yes, there are advantages.

    I had personally considered buying the Windows version, but I absolutely changed my mind when I discovered that they were having issues with Intel Graphics. I realized that there is no knowing for sure that the game will play without lags or issues on a platform with virtually hundreds of different configurations (OS, CPU, GPU, drivers, etc.), especially with the developer's seemingly limited resources for testing.

    On the other hand, the game is guaranteed to play without any issues on the iPad/iOS platform because very few different configurations exist (iPad 1, 2, 3 and mini); in other words they only have these configurations to test, and then tweak the game to work flawlessly on them.

    So, I will simply wait for the iPad version, because I can know for sure that my experience will not be ruined. Long live Apple and the iPad... and everyone passionate about Fantasy. ;)

  • Garrison64Garrison64 Member Posts: 72
    I totally agree Dragonwing. This is the main reason I'm waiting for the iPad version. It is so much easier for them to make the game work on a known system than the infinite combinations they have with today's PC. Windows strength in diversity is also it's greatest weakness. It is impossible for developers to make a game that works bug free on every variation of the PC. Having to design for only a handful of iPad models is much more ideal. Sounds like there may still be some bugs but they will be so universal to the system that it will be much easier to crush them.

  • GygaxianProseGygaxianProse Member Posts: 201
    and also, the ultralight system req for BGEE exacerbates the issue. Intel, or even nvidia and amd, intgrated mobo graphics are a punchline to most PC gamers. But for this title, int. graphics you wouldn't even try a new release with need to work, esp. with all the laptops using them.

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