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GOG Achievements in Beamdog games

I'd like to know when you plan to add the achievements in your games released on GOG. You promised a long time ago that you would work on them, but now GOG is practically the only store left without achievements, because you've added them on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

I think it's time to show respect for your first and most loyal customers on GOG, and add achievements for them too.


  • MaclunkeyMaclunkey Member Posts: 3
    Recent anniversaries would be a great opportunity to add achievements to your GOG games. For now I still feel very disappointed.
  • MaclunkeyMaclunkey Member Posts: 3
    GOG has implemented a new Steam SDK wrapper that makes it very easy to implement achievements using the system already created for Steam, it is time for Beamdog games to take advantage of it.
  • JidokwonJidokwon Member Posts: 391
    At this point, who is responsible for the promised achievements not being available for GOG users? It was Beamdog that made these promises? I've supported Beamdog in purchasing all of the EE titles here and on Steam, but I'll hold off on purchasing them on GOG, too, if they're continuing to screw over consumers there.
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